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11/29/13 12:07 am


I am in the process of getting all the Cavy buttons on the website up and running. My goal is to have them done by the end of the day! I am also working on getting the pictures of all the designs on here but I keep running out of memory. For now, please go to our Facebook page to see all the designs. Thanks for all your support this year!!



We are in the process of updating the website.  Please visit us on Facebook to see all the designs!

Our story (January 2012)


     My daughter is a youth Netherland Dwarf & Dutch breeder. She has been showing rabbits for about seven years on a "local" level. About two years ago a very good friend of ours started mentoring her and she began showing more seriously. She went from doing just one show in Jefferson, WI and Jefferson County Fair each year to going to shows all around the state of Wisconsin. We are at shows at least once a month now and she began breeding her rabbits. We attended our first ARBA National Convention in October of 2011.

     In December, my daughter found a shirt that she liked on a random website. Her exact words were, "That is all I want for Christmas!" (For a 14-year-old that is a pretty big statement!) I did my best to replicate it so she could have one similar for Christmas. I guess I did pretty well! On New Years Eve we went to a rabbit show in Janesville, WI...She probably could have sold her shirt 10 times over!! That day our business idea was born.

      During the next few days, we discussed our idea. We decided that designing and selling t-shirts would be a great way for her to earn money to go to the 2012 ARBA National Convention. We worked several hours designing all the I "heart" my ________ rabbits shirts for each breed and had a blast working together doing it!

 Please enjoy looking at our designs. If you have any suggestions or would like to order a shirt, please contact us.


Thank you for visiting our site.

Juanita & Amber